Facilities and Real Estate

Facilities and Real Estate planners recognized the difficult decisions that need to be made when managing nearly 500 pieces of property from Provincetown to North Attleboro.    Recommendations focus on responsible preservation while building for the future.

Facilities and Real Estate

“The challenge we are faced with today is how we may continue to honor the

 legacy of those generations who have come before us…while being responsible

 in responding appropriately to the reality of the shifts in demographics that point

to a future of investing in programs and people, instead of the brick and mortar of






  • Establish a Diocesan Facilities and Real Estate Council
  • Create a database of all buildings and land
  • Develop a plan to follow as buildings become vacant: to sell, lease, or determine an adaptive re-use
  • Establish protocols and procedures for the stewardship of sacred places.
  • Inventory all contents of closed churches and secure a climate-controlled storage facility
  • Survey diocesan department leadership on space requirements


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