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Prayer is a critical part in providing support for our Church overall and for the Bishop’s planning process. Below is a prayer that the Planning Prayer Committee created. You are welcome to recite and reflect on it. Thank you for your support!

Artist Feodor Zakharov (1882-1968) of New York. Bishop Cassidy gave the title of the delicate image of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Fall River, and Christmas cards were printed in 1943, the same year the painting was completed.

Our Lady of Fall River

Hail Mary, full of Grace! We place our Diocesan Strategic Plan and especially the newly formed Commissions and their work of Rebuilding in Faith and Hope under your motherly protection. We have full confidence that your powerful aid and intercession will bring abundant blessings upon our efforts. Unite us to yourself and to your Son Jesus so that in serving God’s people in the Diocese of Fall River, we may strengthen the bond of love and peace among us. Help us to remain faithful to the teachings of your Son and to all that is holy and true. Amen