Finance and Administration

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In developing their recommendations, Finance and Administration planners stressed the three T’s: trust, transparency and together.

It is the purpose of this plan to stand by our Bishop, our priests, our staff, our lay leaders, and our parishioners; to work to build trust in our parishes, schools, Chancery, and other related agencies in the Diocese of Fall River.

We must show that our work is demonstrably bringing people to Christ. And not just by reporting the “numbers.” We must accurately and with enthusiasm tell the story of lives changed through engaging ministry, through effective leadership, through successful shepherding.


  • Develop and propagate financial best practices through the coordination of new training opportunities, financial tools, policies, and procedures.
  • Establish a program of cyclical reviews of parishes and schools focused on internal controls, financial reporting, and cash management.
  • Continue to build a strong Finance organization with appropriate staffing for diocesan-wide organizations (e.g., schools and social services) and parishes.
  • Increase transparency trust among the laity through disclosure of financial results of all operations (central office, Catholic Charities, Catholic Social Services, parishes etc.).
  • Explore opportunities to centralize services and leverage bulk purchasing opportunities, available down to the parish level.
  • More effectively utilize new technologies to deliver services.
  • Seek opportunities to partner with skilled laity throughout the Diocese to execute goals.

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