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It’s both the message and the medium. Communications planners focused on the need to deliver the “good news” to all people – active and inactive Catholics, the general public, young and old. To do this requires the use of all media – social, electronic, print, face-to-face, etc.


  • Create a common theme that messages Rebuilding in Faith and Hope throughout the diocese
  • Enhance the position of Bishop da Cunha as the voice of the diocese through the use of “new media”
  • Create a social media presence that educates, inspires and connects people close community
  • Create a common, consistent story that unites our parishes, schools, ministries and social service agencies in collaborative, purposeful and successful mission.
  • Assess delivery of the TV Mass throughout the diocese to possibly make financing available for additional communications work
  • Evaluate the relevance, sustainability and opportunities for revitalization of the diocesan newspaper, The Anchor.
  • Tailor communications to various demographic groups – by age, cultural heritage etc.
  • Assist parishes in coordinating communications

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